Dr. Rahul Patel


Dr. Rahul Patel is a highly trained Board-Certified Podiatric foot and ankle surgeon who is also on the forefront of the world's most advanced medical breakthroughs as a regenerative medicine specialist using stem cells/bone marrow aspirate concentrate, and amniotic tissue grafts. He was the the first surgeon at New York Presbyterian Queens to introduce stem cell grafting for foot surgery. He also serves as a committee member on the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery as one of 50 item writers across the country writing questions for the national surgical board certification exams and LEAD exams. Despite being trained in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, he also focuses on non-surgical podiatric needs such as foot & ankle injuries, tendinitis, diabetic foot care, heel pain, ingrown/fungal toenails, warts and other skin disorders. He is trained in kinesio taping, therapeutic exercises that involve functional body work that include the entire axial skeleton to work synergistically with the lower extremity and also works with Hypervolt gun technology in his office for therapeutic percussive treatment to increase bloodflow, reduce scar tissue and release muscle tension. He is also trained in ultrasound usage for in-office musculoskeletal diagnosis as well as injection guidance. Lastly, not only does he taps into eastern medicine principles and homeopathic type treatments in conjunction with his western medicine training, but he also has an extensive knowledge in proper footwear for runners, basketball, and tennis athletes which he uses as part of his comprehensive treatment protocols.

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