Dr. Charles Pereyra

Functional Medicine
“Opening a brick-and-mortar office can be a major challenge due to regulations and other factors. With Lina, we can simply come in and have all the little stuff taken care of, from electricity and internet to supplies and front desk services. This allows us to focus on what we do best – providing care to our patients.”

Dr. Marie Tony

Primary Care
“Being a part of Lina, whether as a provider or member, brings a genuine sense of comfort. I can relax knowing that any concern I have will be promptly addressed within 24 hours. The team is incredibly proactive and efficient, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Their customer service is incredible, and Rachel, Debra, and Kiaya are always ready to provide assistance whenever needed."

Dr. Chris Bustamante

“Lina is the perfect solution for a small business owner to get started knowing that they have a comfortable facility that offers opportunity for growth.”

Dr. Jill Weintraub

“The advantage of working at Lina is that you can put your time and focus into taking care of your patients and let them manage the logistics of running a space.”

Dr. Rahul Patel

“Lina has been a fantastic experience since I joined in early 2020.  The workspace has a well thought out layout, a clean and modern design, and beautiful decor which my patients rave about. The staff at Lina is friendly, accommodating, and are there to help out with any needs my patients or I may have. There is a great mix of providers who have become not just colleagues but also friends. This creates an incredible sense of camaraderie, whether we're unwinding in the member lounge or collaborating as referral sources for one another.”

Dr. Thomas Hoang

“Working at Lina has revolutionized my practice. The modern atmosphere, exceptional management, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness have allowed me to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional care to my patients."

Shelley D’Aquino

“Working at Lina takes away the daily worries and hassle, allowing me to focus solely on providing exceptional care to my patients. From the moment I step in, my patients are warmly ushered in, creating a seamless and efficient experience. Without a doubt, joining Lina has been a very rewarding decision."

Dr. Bisher Akil

Primary Care
“Lina provided me with a full service setup to practice medicine since January 2021; the staff is supportive, responsible and courteous. I am happy I made the choice to move my practice there.”