First medical coworking space to open in Aventura Medical District
Medical coworking

First medical coworking space to open in Aventura Medical District

Lina, a leading medical coworking company headquartered in New York, is opening its first location in South Florida. Founded in 2017,Lina was the first company of its kind to challenge conventional thinking by establishing an entirely new industry, now known as medical coworking. The company offers turnkey office suites for medical, mental health, and wellness practitioners along with concierge amenities that greatly reduce overhead costs and barriers to private practice. Lina’s membership plans cater to a wide array of practitioners, whether they need a flexible space or a permanent home for their practice. Scheduled to open its doors this summer, Lina Aventura is located in the heart of the Medical District at 2820 NE 214th St. inside the SERENA Hotel. The newly built space is designed with both style and functionality in mind. Lina Aventura offers thoughtfully-designed offices with floor-to-ceiling windows, a lounge space, and outdoor terraces with amazing city views. In addition, the building offers top-notch amenities, including an open-air rooftop, pool, fitness center, and restaurant, just to name a few.

Providers will benefit from concierge services such as patient check-in by the front desk reception team, HIPAA compliant high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments for members and patients, medical cleaning and sanitizing, and a slew of other services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers. With no long-term leases or commitments and all utilities included, providers routinely save tens of thousands of dollars on overhead expenses. They can launch, expand, and operate their practice at relatively low risk. Providers interested in being among the first to sign up for priority tours and reserve their space at Lina Aventura can schedule a call on the company’s website at For more information, please

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lina coworking spaces offer a deferral period or trial period?

Yes. Lina understands the complexities of renting medical office space and the unique needs of healthcare practitioners in private practice. Contact Lina directly to learn more. 

Why should I choose Lina?

Pioneering Leadership

Lina is not just another medical coworking space; it is the vanguard of the medical coworking industry. Founded in 2017 in New York, Lina has been a trailblazer in redefining the way healthcare practitioners think about their work environment and continues to be a leader in what is an increasingly exciting and innovative field. 

Turnkey Office Suites

One of the unique offerings of Lina are their turnkey and ready-to-use office suites. Healthcare professionals have the option to select from different types of exam suites depending on their specialty.  Lina offers fully outfitted medical exam suites, aesthetics exam suites, bodywork exam suites, and therapy exam suites. To accommodate the needs of healthcare professionals who need to use their own specialized equipment and furniture, Lina also offers private unfurnished, and fully customisable office options. 

Concierge Services

Lina goes the extra mile to simplify the operational aspects of running a healthcare practice. From patient check-in managed by a reception team to HIPAA compliant high-speed Wi-Fi and specialized cleaning services, the focus is on reducing your administrative burden.

Financial Savings

With no long-term leases, all-inclusive utilities, and a multitude of amenities, Lina offers a cost-effective model that can save healthcare providers hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead expenses.

What kind of membership is offered at Lina?

Lina's membership plans are designed to be as diverse as the healthcare professionals they serve. Whether you're looking for a flexible space or searching for a more permanent setup for your practice, Lina provides tailored options to meet various needs. For the most detailed and current membership offerings, potential members should reach out directly to Lina.

Who uses medical coworking spaces?

Wide Array of Healthcare Professionals

From general practitioners to specialists in fields such as dermatology, podiatry, pain management, psychiatry, and more, medical coworking spaces like Lina can accommodate the needs of a wide range of healthcare practitioners.  

Mental Health Practitioners

The privacy and serenity offered by medical coworking spaces make them ideal for mental health practitioners like psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors.

Health and Wellness Experts

Nutritionists, aestheticians and other wellness practitioners also find these spaces well-suited for their health and wellness practices.

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Healthcare startups, particularly those in the tech-healthcare intersection, also utilize medical coworking spaces for their scalability, attention to high-quality design, and brand focus. 

Lina isn't just a workspace; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed for healthcare providers. With its state-of-the-art facilities, customizable plans, and a range of exclusive benefits, Lina stands out as a market leader in the medical coworking sector.